VIP Member Card:

VIP Member CardAt the Fabian 8 Cinema, we consider every guest to be a Very Important Patron. During the holidays, our VIP Member card makes an excellent gift for all the movie lovers in your life. Cards are available in increments of $5 and can be used for ticket purchases at the box office and treats at the concession stand.

Once you have a card, it can be recharged to increase the balance available for purchases at the theater any time.

When you have a VIP member card, you’ll be eligible for special events at the Fabian 8, periodic special promotions, chances to win valuable prizes and a frequent movie goer rewards program that will mid-2016.

Parents like the card because they have peace of mind knowing that children don’t have to carry cash when they go to the movies. The VIP MEMBER card is transferable so you can share it with family and friends. Cards are not redeemable for cash.

VIP Admission Tickets:

VIP Admission TicketsOur group ticket program provides a great opportunity for businesses and organizations to offer discounted movie tickets to clients, employees, members or friends.

Tickets are valid for any film, any time. Tickets are subject to a $3.25 surcharge at the box office when used for 3-D feature presentations. These tickets will never expire.

Tickets are sold in books of 25. Orders may be subject to a shipping and handling fee. Tickets are available at the Fabian 8 Cinema box office.

These tickets may be used, resold or given away only by your organization and cannot be used when prohibited by film distributors. Fabian 8 Cinema is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets. These tickets are not for resale by individuals and cannot be redeemed for cash. All sales are final. Minimum order is one book of 25 tickets.